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3S Money Club Has Announce That They Are Joining RippleNet

3S Money Club has made an official announcement via Linkedin just a few hours ago that they have joined RippleNet.  3S Money Club is an online banking service focusing on international trade.

This news was first reported by @MasayoshiSon7 on twitter and then shared by @PandaRippleXRP

According to Ivan Zhiznevskiy who is a digital merchant banker:

By joining Ripple’s growing, global network financial institutions can process payments worldwide instantly, reliably and cost-effectively. It allows network members to exchange instant messages such as live quotes and payment instructions over one standardized and validated protocol. In contrast, 3SMC is now connected to four banking partners through APIs. Each integration is unique and separate.

3S Money Club offers Same-day payments in the UK, Europe, Russia, China and EMEA.  We want to highlight the EMEA here as we covered an article on November 26th titled RippleNet Expansion Coming In 2020 Ripple stated earlier in the year that they would be rapidly expanding and one of the areas they were focused on was the EMEA which includes Europe, The Middle East, and Africa. 3s Money Club is the perfect partner to help make payments in this area of the world.

We have reached out to 3s Money CLub asking if they would be utilizing ODL. If we hear back we will make sure to update the article.

You can find more information on 3s Money Club on the link below:

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