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ABRA making big moves in the Crypto World

We woke up to a pleasant email this morning from ABRA.  Tomorrow ABRA will be announcing the ability to invest in traditional assets like Apple, Amazon, gold, and the S&P500 using Bitcoin.  We are starting to see a new trend where people can move in and out of there digital assets and into more of a traditional asset via there exchanges.  Yes its only Bitcoin as of now, but this is going to change down the line.  I have an email out to ABRA asking when other digital assets will be able to be moved around.

This means that people in 155 countries around the world will be able to privately and securely invest in popular stocks, with as little as $5.

By signing up for early access to these new features, you will secure $0 fees on traditional stocks and ETF investing for the rest of 2019.

Keep an eye out for our blog post and announcement tomorrow morning.

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