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BelcoBTM Integrates XRP Across 12 Stores in New Jersey

Let’s face it the hottest digital asset out there and the most controversial is XRP. You either hate XRP or you love it. There is no in-between and there is nobody who says they really don’t care what XRP does. It’s a love-hate thing. Same thing with Bitcoin. You either hate it or you love it. With adoption starting to heat up in the XRP world, we get the news that BelcoBTM has added XRP to there Crypto ATM.

So who is BelcoBTM?

We have been successfully providing cryptocurrency vending services to our customers in the USA and have launched multiple locations in New Jersey while we continue to grow and expand domestically and internationally. We pride ourselves on our integrity, forward thinking and knowledge of the industry.

We have developed various programs to grow the Bitcoin ATM network and help shape the future of how the world sees and uses money. Stay ahead of the Crypto future by hosting our ATM or partnering with us to start your own Bitcoin ATM business.

BelcoBTM offers cryp[to purchases and sales of the leading cryptocurrencies on the market.  This includes Bitcoin, Ethererum Litecoin, Binance Coin and now XRP. According to BelcoBTM, users can use Binance’s official TrustWallet to store purchased cryptocurrencies from its Crypto ATM. BelcoBTM offers this service in 12 stores in New Jersey (NJ), a few of those stores in New Jersey include Hoboken Wireless, Ghost Tech Center, Delta Foodmart, King Wireless, American Egyptian Grocery & Deli, Chill Convenience Store, JBM Tech (Boost Mobile), Paradise Deli and Grocery and more. Nevertheless, the firm is presently charging fees between 5 – 10% based on ‘customer tier, commenting on a similar question, the platform states that;

fees can be anywhere between 5% to 12% based on customer tier. it is still high but we are working on a plan to bring it down drastically

If you live in New Jersey – you check out one of the ATM from BelcoBTM to purchase and sell leading cryptocurrencies here –

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