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Binance Adds 2 New XRP Trading Pairs: Brazilian Real And Nigerian Naira

Binance has added the XRP trading pair for the Nigerian Naira (NGN) and the Brazilian real (BRL).

The new pairs now mean that Nigerian users can buy, sell, and trade XRP using Nigerian Naira while Brazilain users can now buy, sell, and trade XRP using the Brazilian real.

Binance recently launched a dedicated Binance Nigeria home page allowing Nigerian users to easily deposit Naira onto the exchange, buy crypto, and use the Binance P2P trading platform.

The Brazilian real is the official currency of Brazil. It is subdivided into 100 centavos. The Central Bank of Brazil is the central bank and the issuing authority.

NGN is the currency code for the Nigerian naira (NGN), the official currency for the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Nigerian naira is made up of 100 kobos. As of August 2020, 1 U.S. dollar is equal to around 380 NGN.

Official press release from Binance

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