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Bitbox Cyrptocurrency Exchange Is Removing XRP – But Does It Matter?

BITBOX is a global cyrptocurrency exchange, created by LINE, that provides a trusted platform for traders to buy and sell leading, liquid digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.  Bitbox has announced that they will be delisting XRP on January 16th and users will have until February 16th to trade and withdraw their funds from the exchange.

So what exactly is being removed from BITBOX exchange:




Here comes the big question why? Or an even bigger question does this even matter?  In our opinion who cares if BITBOX is delisting XRP? Lets be honest, how many people knew BITBOX was even a thing?  This exchange launched in 2018 by Japans messaging service LINE. BITBOX stated:

“We keep a constant watch on all coins that are being traded on BITBOX. If a coin does not meet our standards based on its performance, reliability, liquidity, or law and regulatory requirements, it will be delisted from our exchange. To protect your assets and interests, we provide sufficient notice before delisting.”

Only .02% of XRP trading was done on BITBOX – I wonder why?  No, I dont, BITBOX was not a real exchange.  Go look on CoinMarketCap and tell me how much volume is running through BITBOX  everyday. YOU CANT!  There is no tracking of volume on this exchange because it is so irrelevant.  Bring on all the FUD we are about to hear, how there Bitcoin maxis are going to blow this up to be a massive deal, and that XRP is going to be delisted from exchanges across the wold becuase its a security.  We can see the headlines now.

Everyone just relax, BITBOX was a nobody and this will have no effect on the price of XRP regardless if XRP was still listed or delisted.  Onto the next piece of news!

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