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Bluzelle and Ripple Connection

Bluzelle and Ripple a day we have been waiting for since 2015.  So who or what is Bluzelle?

Bluzelle was founded in 2014, when Pavel Bains and Neeraj Murarka realized that opportunities to implement blockchain technology to build a better Internet were all around them.  Bluzelle is a decentralized database that makes it more efficient for blockchain products to manage their data while shifting control to the masses.

Fast forward to 2019 , Bluzelle is building a Data Delivery Network to ensure businesses never suffer from data breaches, network failures and performance issues. Bluzelle combines decentralized technologies with edge computing to help bring about a faster and more secure internet.

So how does Bluzelle connect to Ripple?

Lets date back to June 22nd, 2015, and look at this Ripple Insights article that was posted: Meet Bluzelle, A Regulated Provider of Ripple Software Solutions

Read that title again and make sure you fully understand here: Bluzelle is a REGULATED provider of Ripple Software Solutions.  Did you catch the keyword: REGULATED.  So what is it that Bluezelle is set out to do?  The company’s mission is to:

“building products that enable faster movement and access to money around the world.”

And what is Ripple trying to solve? The exact same thing!

Ryan Fugger, who was the original creator of Ripple who designed and implemented a multi-hop payment network into several online communities is one of the creators behind Bluezelle.  This is massive. Why? Because this guy knows how to implement networks! Another key takeaway from Bluzelle is that the network storage capacity is 10,000,000 times greater (yes you read that right) then current corporate IT storage at .0001 the cost per TB storage of storage centers owned by Microsoft, Google and Facebook. Originally tweeted by @litecoinAnalyst.

Let’s keep digging in.  May 2016, Deloitte put out a press release titled: Deloitte showcases integration of Ripple technology into Temenos T24 allowing real-time international payments

Key Takeaways from this article:

Deloitte presented a pioneer project at the Temenos Community Forum 2016 in Barcelona: full integration with the Ripple protocol and the Temenos Core Banking Software using the Bluzelle Altitude Gateway technology.  There is an enormous potential for banks to leverage disruptive technologies to make their existing payment processes faster, cheaper, and more secure. Innovative financial institutions are aware of this and are looking for ways to integrate their core systems with disruptive technologies such as distributed ledgers or blockchain,”explained Patrick Laurent, Partner and Technology Leader at Deloitte.

The overall objective of the Ripple integration is to enable financial institutions to send payments, either in local or foreign currency, in real-time without relying on intermediary banking relationships. This dramatically changes the way international payments are being managed and processed, as Ripple technology reduces fees, transaction times, and the need for liquidity.

“Banks have undergone an important technological transformation over the past years. We are now seeing a disrupted marketplace with new market entrants and an array of innovative technologies. The new-generation customer is now driving change in banking and soon he will no longer accept to wait for three days for an international payment to go through,” says Patrick Laurent.

We are not done.  It keeps on getting better and better. Direct from Temenos website we find this article: Openbank extends Temenos partnership with WealthSuite

So we know that Bluzelle did a full integration with the Ripple protocol and the Temenos Core Banking Software using the Bluzelle Altitude Gateway Technology:

Then we get the news that Openbank, which is the digital bank of Santander group, has selected Temenos WealthSuite for enhanced digital customer experience. This will be integrated with Temenos T24 Core Banking, which Openbank chose last October as its new core banking solution for retail and SME banking across its global operations. T24 is connected to Bluezelle which is connected to the Ripple Net.



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