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Brad Garlinghouse live from Davos…

This is a must watch video for any XRP fan.  Brad Garlinghouse live from Davos: The Future of Payments, Oceans and Crypto.


If you just want some Brad action go ahead and skip to 2:12:00


If you want the book notes, I got you covered.

Panel Host: Arjun Kharpal Tech Correspondent

Edith Young – Career partner at 500 startups
Brad Garlinghouse – CEO of Ripple
Jeff Schumacher – Founder of BCG digital ventures
Glenn Hutchins – Co-Founder of SIlver lake partners

Jeff Schumacher says Bitcoin is going to 0. Refers to the next generation of blockchain proof of state. What broadbands mean to the internet these third generation protocols mean to the distributed environment.

Glenn Hutchins – Bitcoin will not be the major use coin instead it will be the store of value.

Edith Young – Wants to focus on investing in the technology. She doesn’t trade and is not a hedge fund so the volatility doesn’t effect her. Everyone wants to do an ICO and 99% of them are a scam. It’s a good thing the crypto secondary market has fizzled out. She says Ripple is doing very very well in Japan and Asia. The banks understand what Ripple is doing. Fintech side of things is the most interesting as to why are we still paying banks all these fees when I send money to my mom and I am still paying $40-$50 per transaction. Japan is the first country you see giving out license and regulations to exchanges.

Brad Garlinghouse – Long term value of any digital asset will be from the utility it delivers. He thinks there are tons of digital assets where he has no clue on what the utility is. If you take BTC as it exists today the proof of work and scalability has a lot of limitations. XRP is extremely scalable and extremely low-cost and extremely fast relative to how Bitcoin works. $10 trillion pre-funded in banks around the world in order to enable cross-border payments. If you take advantage of crypto liquidity you can actually eliminate that $10 trillion and use it for other purposes. States that regulators do understand what Ripple is trying to do and how XRP works.


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