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Coinbase Adds XRP – Whats Next?

What a truly, great way to start the week for our XRP community. As we are all settling into another typical Monday morning, most of us moving from our second to third cup of coffee Coinbase drops a bomb on us! We receive the TWEET we have been waiting almost 2 years for……… COINBASE PRO IS GOING TO LIST XRP!!!

So the big question is: What’s Next? That’s the question on most peoples minds.  The XRP community has been waiting for 2 years for good old Coinbase to list XRP and it is done, well sought of, as of now, Coinbase Pro will list XRP, and I am 99.9% positive that in a week or two from now Coinbase will have XRP as well.  That’s a step in the right direction.  So where do we go from here? Does the hatred stop on Coinbase?  Do people move away from Uphold or bittrex and jump onto Coinbases wagon again? Time will tell.  We believe that Coinbase is 2 years too late.  We believe Coinbase waited for the right time…..what we mean, is that they added all their shit coins first, pumped the bags chased out because they know they are useless (ETH Classic for example), waiting for a prolonged bear market and then added XRP when it would have a very limited pump.  The last thing Coinbase wanted to see was a pump like we would have gotten 2 years ago and Bitcoin dethroned from the #1 coin.  Very well played by Coinbase.  Coinbase as a whole is down 83%, so soon or later they had to make the move to add the #3 crypto.  The question is, is this too little too late for Coinbase?


Let’s take a look at some of the other potential exchanges XRP can be listed on later this year:

Coinbase – March time frame

SBI VC Order Books – March (before the 14th IOP)

Fidelity Digital Assets – Launch Date March, we believe XRP will be added Q2

TD Ameritrade – Q2 launch date. We believe XRP will be added when TD opens
Nasdaq – Wildcard! Q1 was the set goal, but we see a Q2 launch date with XRP




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