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David Schwartz was asked “What 2019 will be about”

Big shoutout and thanks to “Bocka” on twitter you can follow him at @Ewabocka.

They put out a question in a twitter thread asking David what he believes 2019 would be all about for Ripple.  David responds with “I don’t have a crystal ball, but my gut is telling me connectivity.” You can see the tweet below.

2018 wasn’t just about decentralization, it was also about bringing partners to the table and getting the internet of value started.  Brad stated at the end of 2018 that DOZENS of banks will be using XRP in 2019.  Those of us who have been following Ripple and XRP, we are apart of a piece of history.  We are watching a new asset class form and a new way to move money.  We are watching the INTERNET OF VALUE BE CREATED.  Exciting times ahead, for all of us.

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