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DeCurrent Has Re-Launched XRP Trading

DeCurret is a platform for the trading and exchanging of digital currency. The company offers a cryptocurrency exchange service and cryptocurrency settlement service, both of them using cryptocurrency wallets. These let customers trade and exchange in real time (24 hours, 365 days), to make payments at e-commerce and at retail shops and to make payments to mobile digital money by using different types of virtual currencies issued by banks and other cryptocurrencies.

Back in 2019, DeCurrent launched the First Service in Japan for Recharging Multiple E-money Accounts Using Virtual Currencies. A New Yet Familiar and Convenient Way to Use Virtual Currencies according to DeCurret. A user can use his or her smartphone to exchange virtual currency for e-money, which can then be used for payment at stores. Customers can recharge their e-money accounts using virtual currency simply by selecting the desired brand in the DeCurret app and entering a recharge amount. Usage can be customized based on the assets a customer holds as well. For example, customers can recharge their accounts using a combination of several virtual currencies including XRP.

Today we get news from KingSolomon that DeCurret has relisted XRP

XRP was suspended back in December 2020 as seen below but has since been relisted with the XRP/JPY pairing.  Here is the official press release:

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