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EarthPort and Ripple connection – How it all got started

Let’s revisit the Earthport Ripple connection and how it all got started.


EarthPort Ripple Connection:
2015 – Earthport announced its gateway partnership with Ripple
2016 – The launch of the Earthport Distributed Ledger Hub for multiple ledgers, announced in January
2016 – April 2016 Earthport executed the first cross-border payment transaction received via distributed ledger for Santander UK, enabling it to become the first UK bank to use distributed ledger technology (DLT) for cross-border payments globally – a significant milestone and proof-point in the maturity of the technology.
2016 – Santander UK deploys (enables) a DLT enabled wallet powered by Earthpoirt using Ripple technology to move money from the UK to Europe and the USA
2017 – Earthport and RBI (Reserve bank of India) work together to do international money transfers on behalf of banks. It is the first time that RBI has actually given a non-bank the permission to work with all banks. This is something that we have been doing in different parts of the world. And now we bring it to India,” said Hank Uberoi, chief executive officer, Earthport PLC.

Key Quotes:
CEO of Earthport Hank Iberoi – “We are delighted to win an accolade that not only provides evidence of our commitment to blockchain and distributed ledger technology but also demonstrates how companies like Earthport are identifying creative ways to use this technology. Moreover, it also speaks for the strength of the relationships and partnerships Earthport is building across the industry.”

CEO Of Earthport Hank Iberoi – What does it offer? “The traditional way of moving money across borders is through correspondent banking, where all banks have a relationship with each other and have accounts with each other—a model that was developed 30-40 years ago. We eliminate correspondent banking. The money now comes straight into our account through an API (application program interface), and we deliver it to the final destination. We choose the best routing possible to send the money.”

Key Tweets:
Hank Uberoi “To be clear @Ripple and @Earthport working together to deliver real solutions – TODAY not in the future. RippleNet and Earthport Hub connected and can deliver payments to any bank account in 67 countries:

Key Videos:
Hank Uberoi

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