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Flash FX Announces Instant Transfers and Funding To Bitstamp Accounts

The newest announced ODL (on-demand liquidity) Ripple partner has just made an impressive announcement.  FlashFX now allows its users to fund their Bitsamp account with USD in minutes instead of days.  Before FlasFX was announced as a Ripple ODL partner, the funding of users’ accounts on Bitsamp would take several days.  This has now been cut down to minutes thanks to ODL!


Here is the back story on this so you can really start to understand what Ripple is doing and how their technology is a game-changer.  Before FlasFX became a Ripple partner user would have to wait days for a SWIFT transfer to be completed via the old and slow traditional payment methods using your bank.  After announcing at SWELL that FlasFX would start to utilize ODL (on-demand liquidity) the old and slow payment method (SWIFT) has been cut down to minutes via XRP.


FlashFX has stated:

service uses XRP to bridge AUD & USD currencies in seconds. FlashFX will deliver your USD to your Bitstamp account in minutes and you can enjoy unlimited USD Bitstamp liquidity for your AUD/USD transfers.


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