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Another day and no surprise we have more FUD.  A lot of people in the XRP community are disappointed at Forbes but we can not hold them completely responsible. Forbes did not technically post this article, a contributor to Forbes posted this tasteless article.  For those of you who do not know what a “Forbes contributor” is, its basically a freelancer or a third party.  There are plenty of sites on the dark web where you can pay X amount of money to have people post links on Forbes for you.  I am not saying this is what Billy Bambrough has done, as he has tons of post on Forbes but I am just using this as an example as to what a “Forbes contributor” is.  It would be a different story if this article came from Forbes, who is one of the few that actually list the correct circulating supply of XRP.

Here is the tweet from ForbesCrypto”

Posted on @ForbesCrypto


Even though Forbes didn’t post this article directly, their reputation is hurt as there poor moderation of “Forbes Contributors” takes a shot at XRP.

Billy Bambrough a know bitcoin maximalist take a shot at XRP and tries to spread fear in the community as he states XRP market cap is not being calculated right. We all know this is absolute BullShit, and we all need to move on.

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