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Inaugural Crypto Town Hall – Brad Garlinghouse Answers Questions From The Community

Raw and cut – copy and paste directly from the chat from today’s town hall!  Enjoy.

Brad Garlginhouse Q and A
Hey Brad , I was wondering if you could speak on the implementation of Flare with the XRP network
From my point of view Flare is combining the best of XRP (VERY fast settlement), Ethereum (smart contracts) and Avalanche (for consensus) which helps extend XRP’s utility and allows developers to create smart contracts for new use cases like lending and defi

Do you believe a digital assest can be as liquid as a g10 country currency? if yes how far in the future do you see this happening?
without a doubt… Im reticent to predict timing. Even things like Covid have impacted the pace of digitization (of everything)… so hard to predict

hey Brad, what do you think is Ripples biggest challenge in the upcoming months?
Im going to talk about this with Congressman Emmers soon

Brad what steps do the us law makers need to do to let America lead the way with crypto and fintech ?
also will cover this with the Congressman when we speak

Hey Brad my question is something i have heard you speak on in the past. How far along would you say Ripple and XRP are in the replacing Swift marathon? Do you feel significant ground has been gained?
i recently tweeted that we have done more than $7b in transactions on ripplenet… a great start, but still very early in the marathon

2 part question 1. is this still the year of the digital asset and 2. how do you see xrp positioned
Hey Brian… i’ve tweeted about this a little bit… the fiat currency stimulus by governments globally will certainly be very positive for non-inflationary assets – including crytpo. so yes, i think 2020 /2021 are likely to be very good for the crypto ma…there is a charachter limite here!

Hello Brad hope all is well, the XRP community belives SBI Ripple Asia will be going into production this year with ODL this year. Are these plans still going ahead and how excited are you aout this?
optimistic for sure.. .and making progress. no public statements yet about timing

Does the panel feel OCC acting Comptroller Brooks will be able to provide further clarity in September/October and maybe we’ll finally get classification on XRP ?
I expect i’ll touch on this with the Congressman

Brad, Can you please speak to if you beleive Ripple’s technology will ultimetly be implemented to FedNow?
FedNow is domestic. For now, Ripple is primarily focused on cross-border… but certainly the opportunity to integrate seemless real-time cross border into FedNow makes sense…. need to get FedNow live first!

Hi Brad, Is Ripple still signing up 2-3 new clients per week? Has this accelerated with COVID?
Covid has created both tailwinds and headwinds to our business… but overall, I am optimistic we will meet or exceed our 2020 goals (roughly what you have asked)

Brad, does Ripple ever plan on releasing products (clothes, coffee mugs) like Space X? I would love that.
schwag store… interesting… will suggest to the team

Is this really Brad 🙂
not sure how I can prove this one!?

Brad – Is Ripple waiting on clairty for XRP usage in and out of the United States…or is this not a hurdle anymore?
i’ll talk about this with the Congressman in a bit

Brad not sure if my questions got lost in the mix; are you able to speak to if XRP can possibly be backed by something at somepoint
hey josh – as I’m sure you know, XRP is open source and decentralized… not sure how this would happen… one could issue a new asset on the XRP ledger backed by something I suppose… i’d need to think through this

Greeting Mr. Garlinghouse, While there is an abundance of evidence of the utiliy use for XRP…In your opinion why do you feel there is still alot of resistance in adoption. And as a follow up ,yet again in your opinion, why are there so many people that claim XRP is a scam coin?
I try to ignore the FUD and focus on the reality… XRP is extremely efficient (i.e. speed, cost) which makes it ideally suited for payments… but I’m bullish on other crypto as well

Now that your banks custodying crypto prediction is coming to fruition, what is you next bold prediction?
my timing was a little off… but I was close!

Hey Brad, do you feel cryptocurrency should be backed by physical assets?
i don’t think there is ‘one size fits all’ …

Brad do you forsee tradtional banks selling crypto to the general public?
i think it’s inevitable

Hi Brad – Hope you are doing great. Looks like everyone is so excited in the XRP community to hear you soon on different thing. Even I am so excited to hear you.. in Topeka, Kansas. All the best!

do you honestly feel the bogus lawsuit is adding any extra resistance to xrp than what you would have normally anticipated?
yes… legal uncertainly is always an hindrance to adoption

Brad any comments on David Schwartz latest picture wearing a snuggie 🙂
David is the absolute best!

Brad should I take prior question on Ripple IPO as a no comment 😉 ? dont mean to drive you crazy
i’ll just reiterate what i said in Jan: there will be public crypto companies… I don’t expet we’ll be first, or last 😉

Brad are you going to talk about payid?
no plans to today… but excited about this project…

Brad when you are having meetings with banks does Schwartz wear a suit?
i have once seen david with a tie… it was historic!

Brad do you believe the OCC’s proposed payment charter will give banks the ability to use ODL?
all steps towards regulatory clarity / certainty help drive adoption of crypto

Have you seen the interview on yt with billionaire oil tycoon Charlie Ward claiming xrp is backed by gold and waiting to go live and swift only have weeks left to breathe in today’s world
have not seen this

There is alot of mummers in the CryptoCommunity that XRP is built to be valued at $10k+. At what price do you feel XRP needs to be to effectively act as a viable bridge currency?
we used to do some AMA events years ago… i can’t even recall why we stopped doing that. Suffice it to say, it has been and remains very important to me that we are leading in the industry with transparency

Brad,thoughts on my future XRP tattoo, XRP inside of a moon or XRP like a logo on a space ship. Btw,if the wife and I have another child we will name him/her Brad.
at some point I’ll share my own!

Hey Brad – I find it interesting that given China’s advanced testing/impplementation of the digital Yuan the USA is not racing to pass regulation. This is the modern day cold war (in a digital sense) thoughts on how we can move the needle faster on regula
will touch on this when I speak I suspect (but we are runnign behind)

Brad, major question! will we see XRP traded on robin hood any time soon!
you;ll have to ask Robinhood!!!

Hey Brad, will Polysign come out of stealth mode this year?
i don’t know their schedule… great team there

Wait did he say Ice Cream? Real question is one scoop or two? That says everything. If it’s one…..I’m out.
why stop at 2? (i eat out of the carton)

Brad, if you could travel to one country outside the US right now for vacation, where would it be?
i hear croatia is open for US tourists

Bonus:  Stephen Pair BitPay
Stephen, how has BitPay’s involvement in Open Payments Coalition been? And can use PayID on there yet?
Coming soon!

Will BitPay be able to work with PayID? Or is BitPay targeted to be that middleware between online Corporations and customers?

Has Bitpay thought about using XRP as a bridge to lower the backend transaction feees and speed up the front end?
Yes, you’ll notice that it’s cheaper to use XRP than other options (because our costs are cheaper).

Hi Stephen, Any plan on integrating with VISA for bitpay debit cards ?

Hi Stephen, thanks for all you do. any plans on BitPay to go public within 3-5 years?
Hard to predict anything on that time frame, but I’m not opposed to it! 🙂

How does BitPay work with Law Enforcement and Private Investigators who track fraud through BitPay? How much fraud goes through the BitPay system?
The technology prevents traditional payment fraud, but we do help with law enforcement investigations.

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