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India is now running a XRP Validator…PROOF INSIDE

Go on, who is going to tell me now INIDA will not be using XRP?  We have heard over and over from Asheesh Birla that Ripple has 50% of the India Market.  It would only make sense for the government of India to be on board and we have all the proof you need to put this speculation to rest.  Ripple and the Indian government officially working together and India will use XRP.


“Global block chain startups including Ripple have partnered with Indian FinTech Companies to offer their proprietary blockchain enabled currency – XRP. Ripple uses the same currency (XRP) to undertake international remittance business by setting up exchanges in host markets. ”



Click the image for the official PDF by Deloitte and scroll to page 25.

XRP and India

Wait, there is more…


Indian government’s Information Research Security and Development Center – – is running an XRP Validator node.


I know there was a big debate on Twitter about how this is one of the University in India and has nothing to do with the government.  In our opinion, that is not the case.  As we dig even further we read About the ISRDC and we come to find out that the India government actually set up this project.

“ISRDC is one of the four centers setups under ISEA project by MeitY, Government of India.” You do not have to take our word for it, here is the official statement about ISRDC.


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