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Interbank Peru Set To Go Live with On Demand Liquidity (XRP)

SWELL 2019 kick-off last night, and boy did we get some great news.  We now know Ripple has over 300+ customers and 24 of those customers are using ODL aka XRP.


There was a panel called:  How On-Demand Liquidity Is Changing the Global Payments Game

Joisie Mantilla, Emerging Technologies Innovator at Interbank Peru, stated:

that in order to increase adoption, it is important to change traditional thinking about how financial institutions enable cross-border transactions. “Banks are part of our culture. We want to improve banking technology and give underserved people an opportunity to change their relationships with banks. This will change an entire generation.” By leveraging ODL, our customers are doing just that.

Joisie Mantilla also stated that Interbank Peru has been testing Xcurrent for a while and they are ready to move forward with XRP later this year.  Here is the tweet and full video:



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