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Kitao at it again – More Bullish Statement’s from SBI Director

Yoshitaka Kitao is the Directory of Japanse SBI Holdings worth approx 4.7 billion. Yoshitaka Kitao has to be the most bullish when it comes to XRP. Every week we get positive news after positive news about XRP and what he believes the future holds. In Yoshitaka Kitao latest interview with Yoshitaka Kitao states that XRP is dominating international expansion and will become global in the future. Let’s be honest for a second, Japan is going to start the XRP bull run.  What Ripple the company, R3, and SBI are doing is something that we do not see from any other crypto team.  Japan is going to start the XRP utility bull run any month now.

Yoshitaka Kitao goes on to say:
“Because XRP is already beginning to become international, xRapid will be used for fund transfers in 2019. By increasing the so-called XRP’s plastic use, we anticipate that the [Ripple] market capitalization will easily exceed the market capitalization of Bitcoin (BTC).”

But that’s not it, Yoshitaka Kitao has ownership in Both Ripple the company and R3. The R3 partnership took the XRP eco-system to the next level. “You can use R3’s ‘Corda’ for international remittance, but Corda Settler and XRP use this because they have high affinity. That’s why the SWIFT partnership with R3 (Corda) is good news that brings bright materials to the market… What I emphasize is to combine R3 and Ripple to make XRP thoroughly practical useable.”

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