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LoveForCrypto Presents Globalization

Everyone who has invested in, or has ever thought about investing in XRP needs to watch this AMAZING video put together by LoveForCrypto.

You need to understand what Ripple is trying to accomplish.  You need to understand how the ILP (Inter Ledger Protocol) is going to be used to connect the world.  You need to see the big picture that is being painted for us.  Most of us can’t see past the day to day price of XRP.  Most of us do not understand why the price of XRP stays the same or goes down when we receive great news.  The price that we see today, does not reflect the price of XRP down the line in 1 bit.  You need to hold and stay strong.  You will hear clips from so many amazing speakers that you have probably never heard of before. Featuring Chris Larsen, Ryan Zagone and Christine Lagarde.

It’s a 2-hour watch but feels like 20 minutes.

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