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March 2020 Philippine Peso XRP Liquidity Index

Today, Sunday March 8th 2020 lets looks at the Philippine Peso to XRP liquidity index.  We have included the 1st two months of the year so we can look at the volume increase on a month to month basics..

January 3rd 2020 PHP/XRP Liquidity: 382,417.97

So it seems that Ripple started out with small volumes, just waiting on the right time to ramp up like we seen in the other open corridors.  Well, guess what they did, and they did it in a big way.  Lets fast forward to February:

February 2rd 2020 PHP/XRP Liquidity: 4,473,945.05 

Tell me a flip hasn’t been switched ( just kidding) but there was definitely a change on the back end to allow more volume to start moving into these corridors.

March 8th 2020 PHP/XRP Liquidity: 7,228,772

As the year moves along so does the liquidity for and the PHP/XRP pairing.  From February to March we have seen an increase in liquidity by 2,754,827


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