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Massive Deal! RippleNet is Thunes + Siam Commercial Bank + Ria + EuroNet

Let’s connect some dots here!

October 26th 2021 – Thunes integrate with PayPal’s Xoom service for transfers to mobile wallets

June 29th 2021 – Siam Commercial Bank taps Thunes for cross-border payments

Sometime in 2020 – Ripple publishes a Case Study on Siam Commercial bank and announces a partnership stating After joining RippleNet, SCB has plugged into a global network of more than 300 connected banking partners around the world. In 2020 alone, SCB completed over half a million transactions on RippleNet, a 335% volume growth, year over year. The bank launched the SCB Easy app, which runs on Ripple and allows customers to make instant, low cost payments to family and friends outside Thailand.

June 14th 2019 – PayPal’s Xoom and Euronet’s Ria Pair On Remittances:PayPal’s Xoom service has signed a deal with Euronet Worldwide subsidiary Ria”

PayPal’s Xoom and Euronet’s Ria Pair On Remittances

May 1st, 2019 Ripple partners with EuroNet –

Euronet Worldwide Inc (EEFT) Q1 2019 – Ripple NEW Partnership

So now lets put it all together:

Ripple and Siam Commercial Bank announce a partnership to speed up remittance payments via RippleNet.  Siam Commefcial Bank then announced a deal with Thunes for cross border payments. Thunes then integrates with Xoom for transfers to mobile wallets. Ripple partners with EuroNet who subsidiary is Ria, one of the largest money transfer companies in the world (found in Walmart) .  Everything points back to Ripple and Siam Commercial Bank.


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