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Mercury FX Confirms XRP Usage

We have been waiting for this tweet for over a year and Thursday we fianlly get it.  Mercury FX has sent incidiciated that they are using XRP to send money Cross-Border.


Mercury is one of the original payment specialists that was announced as being an Xrpaid partner and we finally have confirmation that XRP is being used.  This is MASSIVE.  All it takes is 1 company to go live and publish the cost savings for a regular SWIFT transfer Cross-Border compared to use XRP to move money Cross-Bored.  Once these larger banks and payment specialist see how much money can be saved the ball with start rolling downhill.  The XRP community has been saying this since dqy1, all it takes is for 12 company to give to force the others to use XRP.


Listen to what the customer had to say about the transfer cross-bored that leveraged XRP.


It really is amazing to see the world change in front of our eyes.

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