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Michinoku Bank begins handling SBI Remit’s International Money Transfer Service

The MICHINOKU BANK, LTD. is a regional bank based in Aomori. The Bank provides general banking services including deposits, loans, and foreign exchange transactions. The Michinoku Bank also provides letter of credit, credit cards, and clerical works for banks’ daily operations as well as operates real estate and mortgage securitization businesses.

Michinoku Bank from August 3, 2020, we will start offering  foreign currency related services of Sumishin SBI Net Bank through Michinoku Bank stores. Customers will be accommodating foreign currency deposits offered by Sumishin SBI Net Bank at favorable interest rates and reasonable exchange costs for nine popular currencies such as the US dollar and the emerging market currency “Land” through Michinoku Bank stores.

Michinoku Bank will being to handle SBI Remit’s international money transfer services.  Michinoku Bank currently has 94 stores

Our mission is to provide financial services centered on remittance to foreign residents, actively adopting new financial technology such as remittance utilizing the distributed ledger technology of Ripple Inc. We have improved our remittance results by providing high-quality remittance services.



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