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Microsoft Outlook and XRP: A match made in heaven

Just as you thought the use cases for XRP was going to slow down, we get some leaked images of a Microsoft Outlook plugin that would bring XRP payments directly to your email.

The project is called MoneyMessage and it enabled XRP payments through Microsoft Outlook. MoneyMessage would allow users to send XRP to anyone via email! Even if they do not have an XRP address they would be able to receive XRP. This is adoption folks.

Currently, this addon only works with Outlook 2016 but I am sure 365 integration is not far behind. I can bet you that other top email providers will be right behind, like Gmail or Yahoo mail.

There are over 50,000 companies in the world all who run Outlook. Could you imagine XRP flying throughout your office via email chains!

Here is a screenshot of how it would look thanks to @WKahneman

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