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MoneyGram and Visa Announce Debit Card

MoneyGram might go down in history as one of the biggest acquisitions by Ripple.  Today we get news from PR Newswire that Moneygram has announced a new debit card deposit service with Visa.  Moneygram who is a global innovative money transfer service has officially announced the launch of a new debit card deposit service with Visa via Visa Direct.  Visa direct is Visas’ real-time push payment platform which enables payments to over a billion cards worldwide.

Visa Direct is a service that facilitates funds transferred by Visa’s client financial institutions.  Visa Direct is a P2P money transfer option that will allow customers located in the United States to conveniently send money domestically through the MoneyGram app or via the MoneyGram website to other US recipients eligible debit card.  The new service reflects MoneyGram’s commitment to making it easy for customers to send and receive money in any way that is convenient for them.

You may be thinking, how does this involve XRP it says only within the United States. Well, it is starting with only US customers but Visa/MoneyGram will be expanding this service to customers outside of the US soon.  Now, what does soon mean? Who really knows, but the fact is, this service will be expanded worldwide and what is the cheapest way to move money cross-border? XRP. And which company uses XRP? MoneyGram, in an exclusive deal with Ripple.

Call it speculation, call it hype but this MoneyGram/VISA deal will utilize XRP as soon as they expand outside the United States.  Remember VISA purchased Earthport – a well known Ripple customer for 5+ years.  VISA will run on Ripple.


Thanks to @MackAttackXRP for tweeting about this.

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