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MoneyGram and Visa Expand It’s Cross Border Debit Card

September 9th, we tweeted breaking news on VISA And Moneygram – this was the tweet of all tweets, the tweet that broke twitter – the post that broke our site from the sudden rush of traffic. See below.

Well, today we get even more news based on the post from September 9th! MoneyGram Expands Cross Border P2P service with Visa Direct. September 9th we got news from PR Newswire that Moneygram has announced a new debit card deposit service with Visa. Moneygram who is a global innovative money transfer service has officially announced the launch of a new debit card deposit service with Visa via Visa Direct. Visa direct is Visas’ real-time push payment platform which enables payments to over a billion cards worldwide.

From our own article and I quote:

You may be thinking, how does this involve XRP it says only within the United States. Well, it is starting with only US customers but Visa/MoneyGram will be expanding this service to customers outside of the US soon.  Now, what does soon mean? Who really knows, but the fact is, this service will be expanded worldwide and what is the cheapest way to move money cross-border? XRP. And which company uses XRP? MoneyGram, in an exclusive deal with Ripple.

Let me say that again: “this service will be expanded worldwide ” Well look and what we found today (actually  @WillyWonkaXRP and @RosesOnThaMoon beat us to the punch on tweeting about this) MoneyGram Expands Cross Border P2P service with Visa Direct

From the article:

MoneyGram International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MGI), a global provider of innovative money transfer services, today announced the expansion of its debit card deposit service internationally which it launched in collaboration with Visa through Visa’s real-time1 push payments platform, Visa Direct. This service is now available to Spain and the Philippines. As a result of the launch, MoneyGram is the first company in the industry to enable cross-border transfers from the United States using Visa Direct. The company expects to launch the service to additional countries in the coming months.

2 months ago this partnership between Moneygram and Visa just launched its real-time push payments and said that they would expand worldwide – and today we get the news that Spain and the Philippines have been added.  Visa Direct, which enables payments to over a billion cards worldwide, customers have the ability to send money in real-time. MoneyGram customers can use the app or the MoneyGram website to send funds to other recipients’ eligible Visa-branded debit cards.

Bill Sheley, SVP and Global Head of Visa Direct, Visa stated:

“The initial launch phase with MoneyGram has been a success. Based on customer feedback to date and seamless integration of Visa Direct into MoneyGram’s digital network, we look forward to continuing the rapid expansion of this service to new markets worldwide.”

Did you catch that – Visa has seamlessly integrated into Moneygramsd digital network.


Call it speculation, call it hype but this MoneyGram/VISA deal will utilize XRP as soon as they expand outside the United States and GUESS WHAT they just did.  Remember VISA purchased Earthport – a well known Ripple customer for 5+ years.  VISA will run on Ripple.

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