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MoneyGram Announces Expansion Plan Into 4 More Corridors By End Of Year

Swell 2019 is officially over and what a great event it was.  One of the last meetings was between the CEO of MoneyGram Alex Holme and the CEO of Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse.

What we already knew that MoneyGram was currently moving 10% of its transaction volume through ODL between the United States and Mexican borders.

But what we didn’t know was that MoneyGram has an expansion set for this year.  The CEO of MoneyGram announced live on stage at SWELL that they will be expanding into 4 more corridors by the end of the year.  So what corridors are currently open for MoneyGram to use?

2 open Corridors:




2 NEW Announced Corridors at SWELL by Ripple:




Current Landscape looks like this:

Mexico -> United States

Mexico -> Philippines

Mexico -> Australia

Mexico -> Brazil

U.S. -> Philippines

U.S. -> Australia

U.S. -> Mexico

U.S. -> Australia

Philippines -> U.S.

Philippines -> Mexico

Philippines -> Australia

Philippines ->Brazil

Australia -> U.S.

Australia -> Mexico

Australia -> Philippines

Australia -> Brazil


So the big question what are the other 2 corridors? As we examine FiatLeak we see UK and JPY starting to light up.  We know SBI is a massive player in this space.  Those would be 2 massive corridors and we can only speculate at this point, but time will tell.


Here is the Video From Alex talking about the new corridors.


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