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OMGfin Exchange adds XRP

OMGfIn is the pioneer in building a trading system for digital assets focused on young investors and social network. By connecting with professional investors. Our goal is to bring together a community of traders who share experiences and help each other achieve their individual profit goals.

OMGFIN Limited registered with the registration number 14556327, under the Laws of the Republic of Estonia. Licensed and regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit under license number FVR000604 for providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against fiat currency and FRK000513 for providing a virtual currency wallet service.

Ripple (XRP) is live on OMGFIN’s BTC,ETH, UQC and USDT Markets.

As always do your own research.

Get up to 30% cash back and 0.045% Trading fee

ripple xrp

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