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Paydek Joins RippleNet to Serve Africa and Latin America Customers

Paydek is a global leader in multi-payment solutions. Paydek was founded in 2009, with headquarters in London and a branch in Bucharest. The Paydek platform offers its customers, both corporate and individuals, an array of online and offline payment solutions such as dedicated multicurrency IBAN accounts, mass pay-out solutions, API integrations and prepaid cards via our web based or mobile payment solutions.

UK-based payments company, Paydek turned to Ripple to help solve these problems faced by their customers – who are website designers, independent contractors and payroll companies – to deliver reliable, real-time cross-border payments into new markets through RippleNet.

Paydek initially leveraged RippleNet to connect into Africa, a quickly growing hub for on-demand work, and has since expanded into Latin America in partnership with Localpayment.

“At Paydek, our goal is to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective payment products and methods to our customers. Our two new connections with Ripple in Africa and Latin America marks another milestone in building additional local payment rails and the payment technology infrastructure for our clients and partners. The ability to provide fast payment delivery and a broad array of payment options is vital to our clients’ financial stability. With the addition of Localpayment’s expertise and support, Paydek is better positioned to offer an enhanced service to our clientele with local bank transfers into the Latin America market, where we are seeing significant growth for our customers,” said Terry Hopkinson, Managing Director, Paydek.

“Expanding RippleNet to better serve Paydek’s customers is a testament to the power of blockchain technology to significantly transform global payments,’” said Sendi Young, Managing Director of RippleNet Europe. “Through Paydek, Ripple is strengthening its presence in Africa and Latin America to drive innovation in digital remittances, in regions where faster payments are crucial to people’s livelihoods.”



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