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PayPal’s XOOM Set To Roll Out Domestic Money Transfer Services In The U.S.

Back in June of this year (2019) we covered a story on how Paypal’s XOOM service has signed a deal with Euronet Worldwide subsidiary Ria, which will offer Xoom customers cash pickup services “at more than 150,000 of Ria’s international network locations,” according to a statement. Ria’s network includes approximately 355,000 global agents. Customers using Xoom can now go online or use mobile devices to send money to 70 percent of countries around the world via this deal.

Today we get news from that XOOM is now set to roll out Domestic Money Transfer Services in the U.S. For the first time ever XOOM is making it possible for customers to send money to recipients in the United States. XOOM has aligned itself with Walmart and Ria. Americans can now use XOOM to send money in minutes at nearly 5,000 Walmart locations across the county. Xoom will now serve even more customers, including more than half of Americans who make domestic person-to-person (P2P) payments2. Using Xoom’s mobile app or website, consumers will have the ability to send money quickly and securely for cash pick-up at any Walmart or Ria-owned store in the U.S. Americans can send money at affordable rates for cash pick-up quickly at 4,684 Walmart stores and 175 Ria locations across the United States.


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