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Q4 2018 XRP Markets Report

One of the most anticipated days so far in 2019, as Ripple released the 2018 Q4 XRP Markt Report.  As most of us were hoping for some type of breadcrumb or for the price of XRP to move this wasn’t this case.  In our opinion, the quarterly reports are all about Ripple being transparent and giving us the community a better idea of what is going on with XRP.  While the community is great at research and discover a lot of hidden news, we never know all.

Taken from the XRP Reedit Page the below image highlights the key differences between Quarter 4 2017 and Quarter 4 2018.

xrp ripple q3 q4As we compare numbers from over the full year, as we should be doing not quarter by quarter to see the biggest differences we can tell that the total sales of XRP have gone up, the amount purchased by institution buyers has increased and the number of exchanges that now list XRP has almost doubled.  This is exactly what we want to see.  Let’s see what happens in the next quarterly reports as we have been told a number of banks/FI will be going live on xrapid.


Make sure you read the story we posted last night on the major banks that are going to be powered by Ripple.

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