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Ripple and Forte Announce $100 Million Fund

This morning was a pretty slow morning. We looked all over for the latest news and we stuck out. So we stepped away from the computer grabbed some lunch and when we got back boy did we run into this story by Fortune.

Ripple and Forte Announce $100 Million Fund as they jump head first into the gaming industry. Ripple announced there plan to integrate blockchain into video games. Before you read any further yes this will use XRP, yes this will help expand the ecosystem and yes ILP will be integrated. XRP, ILP, and COIL all in one! It was only a matter of time before we saw this.

According to Ethan Beard, Ripples Xpring will help distribute the grants to game developers in the form of XRP. Forte, a CSG company, we do what we do best: helping businesses of every size and specialty reach their full potential. Since 1998, we’ve consistently offered the most modern, innovative payment functions available. Things look pretty different now than they did a decade and a half ago, but we’re just as dedicated. Whether you’re a startup or a vast enterprise, an e-tailer or a public agency, we’re committed to helping your business run better.


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