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Ripple Builds xSongs To Let Artist Sell Music For XRP

Happy New Year to All!  Ripple is rolling out a new digital marketplace that is going to allow musicians from all over the world sell their songs online for XRP.  This new platform is called xSongs.

Ripple’s director of Product Craig DeWitt tweeted:

xSongs will utilize Payburner, which is an integrated payment system that is built on top of the XRP ledger.  Payburner is a noncustodial crypto wallet, also developed by DeWitt, on top of the XRP Ledger. Here is the beautiful thing about xSongs.  There is no fee to upload or post songs, and the artist will receive 100% of the revenue from their sales through peer-to-peer XRP payments.  xSongs will not accept legacy payments, I repeat WILL NOT accept legacy payments and will allow content creators to set their own prices.

xSongs is in closed beta form.  As of writing this article xSongs already has over 100 artist and about 500 songs on the platform.  Craig DeWitt goals are to have 1,000 artist on the platform and over 10,000 music sales by H2 2020.

Here is the link to the origial post on Medium by Craig DeWitt titled “Sell Your Music for XRP

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