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Ripple had ENOUGH! Brad Garlinghouse Files Lawsuit Against YouTube

The time has finally come.  Ripple has had ENOUGH! Brad Garlinghouse has filed a law suit with the US district court in Norther California, Ripple says the scam has caused:

“irreparable harm” to its public image, brand, and reputation as a “direct consequence of YouTube’s deliberate and inexplicable failure to address a pervasive and injurious fraud occurring on its platform”.

Ripple says it has submitted 350 complaints about bad actors operating on YouTube’s platform. But it says that YouTube has repeatedly ignored its complaints and even awarded verification badges to some hacked accounts.

Brad Garlinghouse stated:

“Individuals who lost — maybe it’s $1,000, maybe it’s $10,000 — they’re not going to go after YouTube. These people have reached out to me asking for help. And I feel a responsibility to community members who are getting scammed.”

As Brad Garlinghouse prepared to announce his lawsuit on Tuesday, multiple impostor accounts were still live on YouTube. He emailed his team with news of the suit before it went public. A few hours later, the accounts were finally removed. Garlinghouse had found a way to get some measure of justice — but for countless others looking for the same, it promises to be a long wait.

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