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Ripple List 2 New Partners As Website Comes Back Online

Ripples website goes down for Maintenance and when it comes back online the community finds 2 new partners added to the list.

  1. Interbank
  2. VitessePSP

Interbank who is a Peruvian provider of financial services. Interbank provides ATM services under the GlobalNet brand which accepts debit and credit cards from around the world, as well as permitting cash deposits. Interbank also provides change machines which exchange notes for coins.

Vitesse PSP provides cross-border payment services to banks and businesses via a globally distributed settlement network. Through a single integration, merchants gain access to domestic routing, leveraging lower payment costs and deliver payments seamlessly.

This network is overlaid with Vitesse built treasury platform and can be connected to via API or an intelligent UI. We continue to invest and adapt our technology in an ever-changing market, facilitating specific industry requirements, improving operational efficiencies and transparency.

Vitesse prides itself on its growing relationships with Tier 1 in-country banks and partners across the world, collating industry and regulatory knowledge providing a robust and compliant solution. Vitesse is registered as a money transmitter for HMRC (12833959) and authorized by the FCA as an E-Money Institution (900646) meaning not only can we make your payments but hold your liquidity securely.

The smart way to make global payments.

Headquarters in London with Regional Offices in The Netherlands.

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