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Ripple Looks Ahead To 2020 With Some Massive Predictions

Last night Ripple put out an Insights article titled “2020: The Year of the Digital Asset”. A new decade and a new era will emerge as some of the big wigs at Ripple give us a peek in on how they think 2020 will unfold.  As you can see below Ripple is extremely bullish for the new decade and they have thrown out some massive predictions for the year.  One thing to remember is Ripple has been working with central banks, governments, and banks all around the world.  I firmly believe they know what is currently on the deck in the crypto world and what is about to come fruition.

Ripple SVP of Product Asheesh Birla predicts:

“that mobile wallets will enter the blockchain and crypto industries in a big way. Specifically, he believes that “adoption of digital assets and blockchain technology among mobile wallets and super-apps like Gojek, Grab and PayPal will become more mainstream as they look to expand their services to keep up with customer demand and compete with digital banks.” Adoption will continue expanding to include new credit and loan products.

Ripple SVP of Customer Success Marcus Treacher predicts:

international and micropayments expanding to facilitate new consumer uses. In particular, he envisions purchase solutions for tourists and travelers that no longer rely on cards or card rails taking root in 2020. Big tech companies will continue to enter the payment space, hastening the growth of micro and wallet payments supporting immediate, low-value payment flows.

Breanne Madigan,  Head of Global Institutional Markets predicts:

Institutional Adoption of Digital Assets will accelerate.  Trusted custody brands such as State Street or Bank of New York becoming involved in digital assets.  Breanne also belive that the next Bitcoin halving in May of 2020 will lead to the next large adoption cycle

SVP of Xpring Ethan Beard predicts:

 At least one central bank to launch a tokenized representation of their fiat currency in 2020, Brad forecasts at least one non-G20 currency—like the Argentine peso or similar—will become fully digitized within the next year.

And to top it off Brad Garlinghouse predicts:

Half of the top 20 biggest banks in the world will actively hold and trade digital assets in 2020. He is also one of many on the team that believes fiat currencies will go digital in the next year.






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