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Ripple Meet Up In Japan – Xpring Focused on $5T A Day FX market

WOW. After SWELL 2019 came to an end Ripple made its way over to a meet up in Japan.  And boy did the news keep on rolling.  Warren Paul Anderson who is the product manager at Ripple dropped a major bomb.  Warren Paul stated that Xpring is focused on the $5 trillion dollars a day FX market compared to the crypto market which is valued at $2 billion a day.

Here is the video that @xrp_stuart posted on Twitter.


Xpring is not just for blockchain developers, its for all developers across all different currencies.  Joel Katz then stepped in and said Ripples goal was to enable payments everywhere, every way for everyone.  Last year Xpring senior vice president Ethan Beard said. “

We’ve partnered with or invested in over 20 companies that are using XRP and [are] aligned with the vision that we have, and have committed over $500 million to that ecosystem


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