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Ripple Partner Flutterwave Joins Forces With PayPal

At Flutterwave, their goal is to provide the infrastructure for a unified payment solution that connects Africa to the world.  Since 2016, Flutterwave has been focused on helping banks and businesses provide seamless and secure payment experiences while continuing to look for more opportunities to connect their businesses to the global world.

Flutterwave has also identified partnerships as a major factor to achieve our mission and that is why they integrated to the Ripple Blockchain Network.

Today, we get the news that Flutterwave has joined forces with Paypal to waive off charges on the first $500 worth of payments accepted from international customers by Flutterwave merchants via PayPal. With this offer, the rebate will be given for 2 months from the date merchants accept the rebate offer. Hence, Flutterwave merchants will not be charged the cross-border fee for their first $500 worth of cross-border payments from customers during this Rebate Period.

How the PayPal Flutterwave partnership works?

If you have never heard of Flutterwave before, we wrote about their promising partnership with PayPal a few months ago. They have the ambitious goal of wanting to be Africa’s go-to payment processor and already cover several African countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Zambia.

One problem faced by African merchants is that while PayPal is one of the most popular methods of payment in the western countries, in Africa PayPal services are limited. You can only send payments and not receive. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that PayPal probably finds it tedious to navigate the financial regulations and issues of each little African country.

Flutterwave and PayPal recently teamed up to solve this issue. The former would handle the complexities of each country they cover that doesn’t allow merchants to receive. So, if you are say a Flutterwave merchant in Nigeria or Ghana you will now be able to receive PayPal payments which are sent to your Flutterwave account. It’s a win-win for both of them. PayPal gets access to millions of merchants, and Flutterwave gets access to millions of buyers and makes their product more attractive.


Flutterwave & PayPal waive international fees for African merchants


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