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Ripple Partner Nium Integrates With Google Pay & VISA

InstaReM began in 2014 with a vision to simplify the cross-border payments experience for consumers. While continuing to be an expert in consumer remittances, the team behind InstaReM expanded and scaled its offerings to meet the needs of SMEs, Financial Institutions, Enterprises, and even other payment service providers. That expansion included an innovative technology infrastructure that makes sending, spending, and receiving money across borders faster, more transparent, and better integrated with our customers’ lives and business needs. InstaReM is powered by the same platform that we offer our enterprise clients.

That platform is Nium.

Our network is powered by our portfolio of licenses, hard-earned by building trust with financial regulators in over 90 countries. This combination of regulatory and tech assets is unique to Nium and is at the core of our unique value proposition.

July 14th 2020, Nium  announced a partnership with Visa to expand its card issuance service to Europe, soon after the company announced a similar service in Australia. The white labeling card solution aims to help businesses drive cost-efficiency and increase productivity.

With this Visa partnership, Nium is able to provide end-to-end issuing, processing and onboarding services in a shorter time. Businesses using Nium-issued corporate cards will be able to:

  • Conduct real-time funds transfers to both physical and virtual Visa Credit and Debit card, such as crediting payroll into Visa cards
  • Enable secure digital payments through tokenization for in-stores, online payments and at ATM points
  • Unlock simple payment experiences for businesses and consumers around the world through multi-currency cards with multi-pocket/wallet spend management features

The flexibility of Nium’s API tools and holistic issuing services, coupled with Visa’s products and services, enables Nium to support different use cases for Spend Management seen across various business models and platforms, from companies looking to reconcile corporate entertainment and travel expenses  for employees, businesses looking to pay suppliers and vendors overseas, or innovative technology companies looking to send payments to their community.

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