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Natalia Zakharova from FXOpen, the leading retail and institutional FX broker, told Finance Feeds that Ripple is expected to either win or the case to be settled in Ripple’s favor.

The SEC v. Ripple lawsuit is currently waiting for a court decision on the SEC’s motion for reconsideration, in which the plaintiff now claims the ex-SEC Hinman’s 2018 speech was public guidance rather than his personal opinion.

The 180º turn aims to persuade Judge Sarah Netburn to consider the notes and emails related to Hinman’s speech to be protected by DPP.

The upcoming ruling has been said to be the “biggest decision” in the XRP lawsuit and is likely to take place ahead of the scheduled settlement meetings hosted by Judge Netburn, who has seen all the privileged documents. The mediation could successfully help Ripple and the SEC to reach a settlement as soon as April.

Settlement in the SEC v. Ripple is believed to be a potential major trigger for the next price moves in the XRP market. The digital asset’s market performance has disappointed many, who believe the court case has caused hesitancy in XRP adoption within the industry.

Crypto holders and investors may have also refrained from buying or doubling down on their holdings. The delisting of XRP at Coinbase and many other US exchanges also took its toll.


Finance Feeds has spoken to Natalia Zakharova, Head of Business Development at FXOpen, to ascertain her views on the XRP lawsuit and the potential for an upside triggered by settlement.

“Whilst it is not yet conclusive, there is definitely a sway of opinion toward the litigation against Ripple to be settled in its favor, and many leading academics from major universities have already publicly stated opinions that the lawsuit is baseless and that Ripple will either win, or it will be settled in Ripple’s favor outside of the courtroom.”

As to the price of XRP, Ms. Zakharova said “there is most definitely a possibility of its value accelerating dramatically” as Ripple kept building its scope and network across the globe, thus making XRP at the center of a larger economy. The digital asset not only reduces transaction fees but it is also placed as a default digital settlement currency which can act as a mediator between all other digital transactions.

The FXOpen executive concluded that, besides Ripple’s successful play in court and the expanding network for XRP, current events could also positively affect the price of XRP as inflation, stagnation, and economic war may trigger a surge in demand for crypto, with XRP as a natural favorite.


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