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Ripple Supports Xendpay In Opening New Corridors

Xednpay and Ripple have slowly started dropping bombs on us all year, but to most, they do not look back and put the puzzle together.  This all started back in April, April 5th to be exact, when we got news from Marcus Treacher that Xendpay was using Ripples technology to send payments into Thailand:

Let’s fast forward to May:  May 9th, 2019 Twitter blows up over the announcement that Xendpay has partnered with Ripple to help make a money transfer to friends and family back home in Malaysia faster, easier and more secure.  Xednpay was one of the first to brand the term “Runs o Ripple” which is going to be a massive slogan pasted everywhere before you know it.

Here is the official announcement from Xednpay back in May:


Now lets Fast Forward and 2x: August 21st, 2019: Ripple comes out with a new Ripple Insights article speaking on how they support Sendpad in opening new remittance markets to stay ahead of the competition.  So we already know that Xendpay “Runs on Ripple”, we already know that they are sending money using RippleNet into Thailand and Malaysia so let’s see what other countries we can add to the mix.

 To extend this extraordinary initiative even further and help millions of people get more when sending their money abroad, Xendpay recently joined RippleNet, opening up new corridors to Bangladesh, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia and enabling real-time payment rails to Thailand.

So let’s go over the list:

  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Bangladesh
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia

What started out with just 1 corridor 4 months ago has now turned into 6 corridors in the span of just 4 months.  Do you want to tell me we are still crawling?  But wait it gets better. Xendpay is pushing forward as they have just opened their service into Africa including high-value remittance markets like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa.  So does anyone want to take a guess of some new corridors that will be opened?

Corridors Coming Soon:

  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • South Africa

Just in case you missed the point in our last paragraph (we only made it bold for a reason) lets re-visit.  Xendpay and Ripple are ready to step it up a notch and get into high-value markets! Thailand/Malaysia/Bangladesh/Phillippines/Vietnam/Indonesia etc are all small corridors, for now, the system has been tested now let’s bring on the high-value remittance markets! And what does that mean? The price of XRP will have to rise in value!  Xendpay is a sleeping giant.

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