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Ripple Swell 2021 Schedule Released – Full Review Of The Important Panels

You can find the full 20201 schedule here, as the event is set to begin November 9th and run through November 10th 2021.

I wanted to outline some of the key panels and go over who was a part of them.

Is Blockchain and Crypto the Future of Cross-Border Payments? Nov 9, 202111.15AM, UTC-4

This event features 3 On Demand Liquidity users representing Azimo, Instarem and Ripple newest corridor in the UAE Pyypl.

Next up we have RippleNet Product Review. This event features Asheesh Birla and Gap Kim who is the VP of Marketing for Ripple. I would pay attention to this event as Ripple might release information on a new product coming to market.  As they have hinted out onTwitter.

To end Day 1, we have David Schwartz Talking with CEO and founder Sam Bankman Fried from FTX exchange.

Day 2 Kicks off with a very interesting Keynote speaker as the Commissioner of the Commodity Futures trading commission, Brian Quintenz takes stage with Ripples director of public policy, Susan Friedman. We are all aware of the current legal battle between Ripple and the SEC, so it will be very interesting to see what is said here.

The icing on the cake during day 2 events is when James Wallis head of Ripple Central Bank Engagement takes stage with Yangchen Tshogyel, deputy governor of the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan. We are all very aware that the central bank of Bhutan just went live with a CBDC on RippleNet. I cant wait to hear the discussion on how the central bank is piloting Ripple’s CBDC solution to uncover new payment use cases and foster financial innovation.

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  • Cristian Vega
    October 31, 2021 at 8:56 am

    Can we register for this event?

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