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Ripple, the wooden house that encourages sustainability

Ripple it’s not just the company that releases the eponymous cryptocurrency XRP. Ripple is also something that has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies: it is also one zero consumption house designed by the Eindhoven University of Technology.

The eco-sustainable housing module.

Ripple means “ripple”. The purpose of those who designed this housing module, that is the students of the VIRTUE of Eindhoven, is to create a home that was sustainable and that encouraged an eco-sustainable lifestyle.

It’s about a wooden structure made up of 80% materials that can also be reusable. The house adapts to be installed even on existing buildings, so that it can also be a solution for those urban spaces already lacking on areas for new constructions.

Ripple is complete with colorful solar panels on its facade. This allows you to save space on the roof which can be used for social activities.

It is also equipped with an intelligent system called IT’S HERE which encourages the inhabitants of the house to a sustainable and savings-oriented lifestyle. For example, EQUI ensures that electricity consumption is equally distributed throughout the day.


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