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Ripples Next xRapid Corridor

Just yesterday we get a video from Asheesh Birla letting us know that New xRapid corridors are on the way. The question is where will they be opened?
We already know of 2:
Mexico and the Philippines

Many in the community started guessing and throwing names around. We heard all last night on Twitter, India, and Japan was the 2 most common floating around. These are great guesses and we do not disagree here. Ripple has done a lot of work in India and I think its a matter of time before India starts the XRP bull run.

But we are 99.9% confident that we know one of the new corridors to be named…..BRAZIL!
Why do we think Brazil? Well after some research we remember that David was on Discord one night chatting it up with the community and he was asked this same question. Now, this was about 6 months ago maybe a little longer but here is the screenshot:

xrapdi brazil xrp

David discusses the current corridors (which we stated above) and then he says he thinks Brazil is next! This only makes sense. Why would David say this? Of course, he knows what is going on.

To back up what David said even further. February 27th, 2019, Ripple puts a Ripple Insights out titled “Faster, Cheaper Remittances from Brazil Power Growth for One Small Business in Portugal

As we read through this article we see this statement:

With Ripple, BeeTech was able to eliminate SWIFT fees for all of its remittance corridors, dropping in its own fees from $20 to $2 per transaction in the process. By passing along these savings to customers like Gutierrez, BeeTech has steadily grown its transaction volume. In just one recent day, BeeTech transactions over Ripple with another foreign remittance partner – InstaReM – increased by a factor greater than eight.

We also get this Tweet from the Official @Ripple twitter page:



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