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Santander One Pay FX Coming To The United States and Mexican Corridor

Santander who has been quiet as of late dropped a breadcrumb on us today. Ana Botin who is the Executive Chair at Banco Santander was on Bloomberg TV and she stated that Santander will announce next week a new fast competitive remittance program initially form the Santander branch in the US back to Mexico. Ann Botin also stated that there are millions of Mexicans who send 35-36 billion a year from the US to Mexico We were lucky enough to have @xrpsteve catch this interview which you can see down below.

Here is the full interview from Bloomberg:

4:19 mark she mentions One Pay FX opening in the United States

Now the big question:  One Pay FX as it stands does not use XRP but when will it?  Time will tell.  But keep your ears open as next week Santander drops the big bomb on One Pay FX opening up for US customers.


7:56PM Update:

Santander will be bringing the Ripple-powered payments platform called One Pay FX to all 10 of its main corridors in the near future.

“We actually have a blockchain-based international payments system that’s running on four of our corridors: Brazil, Mexico, UK, Spain. It’ll be on all 10 soon. Instant transfers at very, very tight spreads: 30 basis points.”

Joen Whelan Video –

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