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SBI Financial Offers XRP as Bonus for Acquiring Tokens in Its Upcoming STO

SBI Group headquartered in Tokyo intends to conduct an STO (security token offering) of its digital corporate bonds on April 20. The company will be giving a bonus in XRP to investors.

The quantity of XRP given away will be equal to the amount of digital securities purchased by each investor.

The security tokens for the offering will be launched on blockchain platform Ibet.


Translation: Notice of Implementation of Security Token Offering (STO) for General Investors for the First Time in Japan-SBI SECURITIES Issued with XRP Benefits Investing in Digital Corporate Bonds- [SBI SECURITIES]

Those who own a minimum of 100 SBI shares will be entitled to 2,500-yen worth of XRP (that’s equal to $23). The precise amount of the XRP tokens given away will be determined based on the XRP price on June 30.

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