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SBI Remit Is Powering Remittance via MoneyGram

WOW! Did we get great news today!  SBI Remit is utilizing MoneyGram’s payment network into Mexico and to send money overseas.  Moneygram was a sleeping giant.  SBI holdings in a recent quarterly report have stated that they plan to use XRP to power remittances from Japan to Southeast Asia.  As we can see below SBI Remit which is one of Japan’s largest remittance companies is promoting the use of Ripple’s DLT.  SBI Ripple Asia has stated that it will cover nearly 50% of the overall Ripple network once the connection is activated.  The big question is when will this connection go live? SWELL??

We also know that SBI Remit has teamed up with Ripple to power instant remittances between Japan and Thailand.  SBI Remit does 10+billion payments monthly, and they serve 90% of foreign customers living in Japan.  SBI remit is looking to before the best payment service provides for foreigners in Japan.

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