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SBI Virtual Currencies – March 2019 All Systems Are A Go!

WOW, what a great tweet to wake up to! The CEO of SBI Virtual Currencies, Yoshitaka Kitao tweets out an article CONFIRMING that SBI VC will officially go live in March 2019.  The order books will finally be opened for all verified member of SBI VC to purchase XRP among a few other digital assets with JPY.  If you recall last year Yoshitaka Kitao hinted that once he pressed the button XRP would be $10 in the blink of an eye.  This had the XRP community going wild!   Folks that is less than a month away! Times are about to get interesting.

In my opinion, SBI is what makes XRP go round.  First, we get news about a 61 bank consortium that SBI has created in which every bank will leverage XRP, then we get news that SBI partners with R3 and SBI become one of the biggest shareholders in R3, then we get news that MoneyTap is going to leverage XRP in the future and now, we get news that in MARCH SBI VC is going live with these order books!  Oh yeah one last thing, did I mention that Mr. Kitao’s goal is to have every bank in Japan using XRP by 2025 for the Olympics!


To translate what the tweet says:

SBI Virtual currency Exchange Vctrade, Exchange-style cryptocurrency trading available from March-now you can buy and sell XRP BTC-ETH BCH in the Sales office format-from the virtual currency Watch.

News Article:

People might say we thought SBI was live, but let me make this clear.  The OrderBooks are going live.  All verified customers of SBI VC can now buy XRP with JPY.  This is going to give XRP the liquidity needed for the Japanese market so they can provide liquidity for cross-border transactions.


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