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SCB Thailand: As of now we have no plans on using XRP

Well, after all the hype this week that was put out there about SCB and the XRP community beating their social media feed to death trying to be the twitter hero SCB as put out an official announcement in regards to XRP:

When will the XRP community learn that you can not and I repeat cannot take the below sources as a reliable source feed:

  1.  Twitter Customer Service
  2. Live Chat Support
  3. Call Center Support

I am sure there are more, but these are the top 3 in my opinion.  There will be a PREE RELEASE or a blog or some kind of official announcement.  Do you really think that the person working behind the computer in charge of the twitter account or the Facebook account has any idea when a digital asset would be implemented? Of course not.  They are the lowest on the totem pole! Now here comes the million dollar question….will the XRP community ever change their behavior and leave these poor people alone? My guess is we wont, but time will tell.

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