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SendFriend Confirms xRapid Payment Service to the Philippines June 23rd

SendFriend utilizes blockchain technology to improve money transfer. Without relying on banks, SendFriend can send money faster, more securely and at a lower cost. SendFriend puts there customers first in a way no one else does. Well, SendFriend is about to get a lot more business once they go live with XRP as their fees are going to be reduced tremendously.

SendFriend is based out of the United States and they are set to go live with Ripple’s Xrapid this month JUNE 23RD. Ripples and SendFriend partnership was announced earlier this year and was planned to go live shortly after the announcement. Well, we finally got news, that SendFriend will Run on Ripple.

SendFriend established a remittance corridor between the USA and the Philippines. From SendFriend official Twitter account, we get the news that SendFriend is using blockchain technology to innovate money transfers.

Not only is this big news, but think about where SendFried is located? In the United States. If SendFriend is using XRP to move money from the US to PHP, clearly they got the green light on the use of XRP that it is not a security. If XRP was a security or still in question a security you can bet that SendFriend would not go live. Remember, if XRP was labeled security sending money using XRP would be a taxable event which it is not.

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