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Steven Mnuchin Was Asked About CryptoCurrencies At World Economic Forum 2020

We know this is massive news when Brad Garlinghouse is sharing the information on his twitter.  At the World Economic Forum 2020 the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was answering questions and was asked about CryptoCurrencies. Mnuchin said that the US government welcomes cross-border payment companies that make transactions both for retail and business customers cheaper.

We know that Brand and Steve had meet in the past. We also know that during DAVOS 2020 Brad and Steve will be meeting again. Lets take a step back and just re-read what Mnuchin said and think about what he is referring to.

“There are benefits to cross-border payment systems in lowering costs for consumers and businesses. We absolutely support companies working on this.”

What company in the United States do we know is solely working on this use case?  What company do we know in the United States that has meet with the white house and Steven Mnuchin? This has Ripple all over it, and ODL.

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